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Pound Cake…a few comments

Pound Cake

Years ago, Mama Doris taught me the intricacies of making a Pound Cake from scratch.  Eggs and butter at room temperature, pan greased and floured, we would begin the process of measuring ingredients, then mixing the batter.  Ingredients had a certain order for addition to the mixture and baking was another tedious task–I’d better not open the oven too soon or the cake would be “sad” (i.e. have a soggy spot on top).

Fast forward to today and who has time for all that measuring and exactitudes?  Our Old School Brand Pound Cake Mix takes some of the tedium out of making this classic cake.  I still use room temperature eggs and butter, but mixing is easy and baking just as simple.  While you still have to grease and flour the baking pan (of course you can purchase Baker’s Joy and simply spray on the baking pan), the mixing part is easy and time saving.  Add a little of your favorite flavor to the batter and voila! you have a wonderful Lemon Pound or Almond Pound or Coconut Pound.  I’ll bet you’re wondering about the taste and texture?  Well, I’m a little biased, but our Old School Brand Pound Cake Mix is as good as Mama Doris’,  and i’ts a whole lot easier to create.


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