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The Day After Thanksgiving…Some Thoughts

Thanksgiving has come and gone, (well, except for some leftovers still around) but I am not ready to let it rest until next November just yet.  I read yesterday that there were 109 original colonists who arrived that first cold winter to settle this new land we now call America.  By spring, there were 47 survivors and of those, only 7 were well enough to care for the rest.  Now those were the original tough times in America.  It’s no wonder that the next fall those remaining colonists wanted to celebrate the harvest with thanks to God.

At Old School Mill, Inc.  we are grateful for corn and wheat and the good earth that produces them.  We are grateful for customers who purchase our products.  We are grateful for suppliers who get us what we need when we need it.  Since we are a small operation (with big ambitions I might add) we are grateful for one another and the strengths we bring to Old School.  There are so many reasons to be thankful and we make no secret of our appreciation for one another, for the orders you send, and for the many blessings we receive daily.   I am willing to bet you too have much for which you can express gratitude.  Take a moment and reflect, if you will, then feel grateful. Let’s just give it one more hurrah for Thanksgiving and be truly thankful!

Now…get started on that Christmas list…


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