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Welcome to Old School Mill, Inc. and our new, updated website

We’re a small company, so in this first blog, I thought I’d introduce you to our staff:

Parker Hinson is the force behind most of what goes on at Old School—sales, product development, the miller, and much more.  Parker grew up as the miller’s son and now has taken on the role as miller himself, and by choice, no less, not by force! Parker is in charge of sales, milling, new product development, and plenty of other functions.  You’ll meet him at the shows “all cleaned up” but he’s just as at home covered in corn meal after a day of grinding in the mill.

Sherrie Mauldin has been working with us for, well, longer than either of us cares to admit! She is the lady behind everything that gets shipped from Old School Mill and she is truly a shipping expert.  She is diligent and thorough, working to ensure orders are shipped on time and accurately.  She is that one-in-a-million employee who takes the business as seriously as we do.  She’s our friend, too, always looking out for us.

That leaves me, Robin Hinson, the owner, and while I’m mostly the organizer and bill payer, I’ll be the person creating the blogs, too.  We also have a restaurant (will write another blog about that) and retail store that keep me pretty busy and restrict me from getting to the shows like I’d like.  Still, I’m behind everything we sell.  While Old School Mill was Dave’s idea, I love this little business.  It’s been a part of my life for a long time, but even so, each time we get an order or reorder, it excites me.  Check back from time to time—I’ve got some good stories and a few recipes I’ll be sharing with you.

Thanks for visiting our site and to those of you who purchase, we appreciate your business—yep, each and every order!

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